Welcome to Flickering Flames ... a shrine to the god Loki of Valkyrie Profile.  I am still working so... ^^;  Please bear with me. I hope to feature all kinds of info on him, as well as extras including myths about the real Loki, art work, writings, and other things.  He may have been misguided but I liked him. ^-^

BTW, there will be MASSIVE VP A ending spoilers around.  ^^  Be warned.


0402.28 :: Damn... over 600 hits already since th enww counter.  My sincere apologies about the error plaguing the offical arts... I did not catch it until no nor figure out the cause - my error handling was screwed up in such a way.  Also fixed them to redirect to shrine.ajora.net/loki/ ... nothing else new at the moment, but I am contemplating looking for more fanart and fanfiction to add here.  So if you have it, share it! Email me!

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