The Wise Men

The Wise Men were bioweapons created by Dr. Lantis.  This section will cover a little about the other nine Wise Men Indalecio led.

Ruprecht: One of the three Information Gatherers, wielding a large lance/fork (reminds me of a tuning fork) and having sensor-like items for ears.

Nicolaus: Anothr of the Info Trio, has a thied eye on his head and is bald.  Weakest of the three.

Jibril: Reminds me of a Jawa with the hood adn glowing eyes.  Can randomly eat people. o.o

Berle: Robocop... one of the defense/assault three - stupid shields and stuff. ~_~

Shigeo: ALL CAPS is his talk, and he's roughly robotoic... another of the assault/defense three.

Marsilio: The odd man out fo the wisemen, showing lots of skin, and being a wild barbarian/berzerker-type.

Decus: Fire is Decus' game, and he's rather annoying... leads the assault/defense trio.

Vesper: The smarter of the two leaders, leading the information trio.

Cyril: Backstabbing and conniving, the second in command of the Wise Men under Indalecio.