>> Visual <<

There's really very little visuals of Indalecio - and what does exist as official is a small pic indeed.  Some of these shots were from the card set released in Japan - I do not recall from where I've gotten it, as I've seen it in at least two places. I cannot take credit for them - only for their iteration here.

Below that is fanart - which currently consists of one lonely pic - by me.  If you have a Indalecio fanart, please contact me and send it my way!

>> Cards

>>coming soon.

>> Fanart

Do not reuse these images without permission - contact the artists before reusing. If you'd love to donate something, contact me at!

"Just a Little Too Far"

Artist: D. "Mintaka" Peal
Email: art [at]
Comments: ...I did this?  XD


Artist: Amber Michelle
Email: myaru [at]
Comments: I really love this rendition of him... very stylish.

>> Audio <<

I doubt I will have voice clips at all - we'll see.  Considering he NEVER appears in the voice collection, I'd have to take them mid-battle, which would be messy. It might happen.  Indalecio was voiced by Erik Bergman, Dias Flac's VA in the english version.

Some choice quotes, at the least:

"Yes, thank you for stopping me. No need to put the light out yet." [one of his death quotes]

"That's useless." [Casting Curse]

"Swallow all the wicked people!" [Casting Earthquake - Oh, the irony]

"This is fun." [Using Divine Comedy - this one always makes me giggle - though I RARELY let him try to use anything anyway...]