>> Basic Statistics <<

Engish Name: Indalecio
Japanese Name: Gabriel (male)
Hair: Red, wavy and longish
Eyes: Blue
Ranking: Leader of the Wisemen
Voice Actor [English]: Erik Bergman [same VA as Dias Flac]

>> Clothing <<

Indalecio wears a white robe over brown [with white trim.  He has a red belt/sash holding his robe on, and brown pants. He is never without white gloves, and has a yellow/gold 5-sided shape on the center of his forehead.


>> Past <<

Indalecio was a creation of Dr. Lantis, part of the Ten Wise Men Defense Project, a bioweapon capable of incredible power to thwart the rebellions against Nede form the colonies.  However, this noble part of defense would never come to fruitition as news of his daughter Filia's death from rebels against the plan arrived.  Dr. Lantis changed the directives of the completed Wisemen - all but Indalecio - to attack Nede and spare none.  His greif was great, but even his own creations could not hold back the will of Nede, and he and his creations were locked within the compound he had created them in.

When the Nedians finally broke into the facility, it was too late - all ten Wisemen were gone, but they did find something disturbing.  In the computers were programs for the consciousnesses of both Filia and Dr. Lantis within.

Little did anyone know what it meant - not until the near end of Nede, when it was discovered through Filia's words to the heroes that Indalecio was really the vessal for Dr. Lantis and his revenge.  Unfortunately, for him to awake, she had to merge "with him" to become the ultimate force fo destruction, and she vanished.

>> Filia <<

Filia was the world to Dr. Lantis.  We find later - via a PA - that her father was the creator of the Wise Men and she vanishes.  But how is that possible if she died?

I have a theory about FIlia/Indalecio - that they shar the same body. Take into account they never appear together, and that she appeared in Clik [PA, again] fortelling destruction - which was caused by the Sorcery Globe, "home" to the Wise Men. Also, when she vanishes from Central City - is it possible that the consciousness was switching and going back to Feinal?

Lastly, was the discovery of Dr. Lantis' and HER consciousness in the computer, but ONE unfinished Wise Man - Indalecio.  What she staes, that she and his [Indalecio's] consciouness must merge to completely release her father's.

A bit of food for thought.