Currently featuring Ajora/Altima stuff. The sprites here were taken from the game disc via FFTSprite found on - then enlarged as noted in Paint and gif'd in Photoshop. So try not to blatantly steal and call your own.  You can, however, use them if you like and at least credit the creator. First off I'd like to comment a bit on designs overall.


Ajora :: Ajora's design is pretty much Alma, with slightly different hair [color and style].  I actually wonder what their original concept of what he should have looked like [in the time th scriptures were written] was like.

Altima [first form] :: The big, bad angel in skimpy clothing.  Well, not too skimpy from the fornt, but the back... ahem. Not a bad design, and I like how the wings were done. You can definitely see the progression of Ajora > Altima in the hair color and such. I do like this design quite a bit [the comments on her outfit were sarcasm... I've seen FAR worse.]

Altima [second form] :: A little desperate, are we?  I suppose if she couldn't best them looking good, she had to go to drastic means. Definitely annoying, and menacing [somewhat] - though considering the scale, its daunting. From Angel to devil, and definitely matching more with the other Lucavi [Quakelain and Zalera come to mind - Hashmalum wasn't so bad.]  A big undead-looking thign with red bat-like wings.  I think that's the best description I can come up with quickly.  XD


These are used whenever the person is speaking, as normal in FFT.

Ajora, resurrected from Alma's body.

Altima, just after raising from Ajora's body, before everyone starts attacking her.

Altima's transformation, midway through the fight.


Revamped and redone. The 5-shot still stands.  The maginifcation level is noted with each sprite, and Altima's first form is here, below Ajora.  :D  I took all of these myself - all the altima ones required some form of editing from the bmp rips BEFORE I could convert them.  Do not reuse without permission. [All Altima first form sprites are 300%]

Various views of Ajora.
Ajora - 5 views standing, 100%.
Ajora, standing and facing the left. 200% Ajora, front view. 200% .Ajora, back 3/4 view and looking away sort of - no face seen at all. 200% Kneeling, facing forward. 300% Kneeling, facing away. 300%

Altima, first form

Altima at rest, facing forward. More resting.  :D And her third resting pose.
Facing away, resting. Yet again, slightly different. More rest, away.
Spellcasting part 1, facing forward Spellcasting part 2, facing forward. Spellcasting away, part 1.
Spellcasting away, part 2. Not sure what this is for - wings around, could be charging, but I think that's one of the one's below, facing away. Same thing as the one to the left, except facing forward. I really should let Altima kick my ass a little so I can figure these out again.
Charging an attack, facing forward. Facing away while charging. Injured, facing forward.
Injured, facing away. Singing...? Singing... away...