Updates of the Previous Kind

03.09.03 :: :o!! Tangency has 100 hits~! Thank you all~!!  :3

In thanks, I drew this up - sure it's kinda bleh, and quick, and un-perfect, but its a thanks all the same!  <3

100+ hit thanks! [Ajora, Painter7 sketch + watercolor - even has Min's handwriting!  :o]

I promise a real Ajora art soon.  By me.  :P And yes, the Sept. 1st updates still stand.

03.09.01 :: Added more pertinent information on Ajora [game stat related] and also Altima, thanks in part to the FFT NPC FAQ written by Algus. [See FAQ for details on that wonderful informative FAQ.] Added Altima Section, since its inevitable that I have to focus on Altima to an extent alongside Ajora.  Also included it because it points out a new possibility of the relation between Ajora & Altima. Updated my contact info slightly. That's all for this update. I SWEAR I'll get some sprites for Altima done soon - they just need work.  ~_~ Altima sprites = in pieces.  :o

03.08.11/12 :: [12] Just an update to links, adding Arm Aim.

[11] Nothing major; just linked [back] to the FFSF [Final Fantasy Shrine Finder], one of my fave sites to go hit when browsing for character shrines for the FF series. [We need more FFT ones!] XD; That's about it; preparing my brian for the next updates. [Probably going to totally revamp the Lucavi section/make a small subsite about them - after all, their leader IS linked to Ajora, etc.] Plus I need to contact someone abuot some information I found on usage.  VERY intersting new things I find out...

Also; changed the Iframe setup to a framed setup - should eb more compatible to other browsers, and also be more adjustable to the evil that is multiple resolutions. *wink*  XD  I kid, I kid.  It should look nice on all resolutions, or better...

03.07.27 :: Ok, I'm scratchng the update of the 26th and calling it part of this. The updates included the following:

*Overall - New layout v 2.0
*Ajora - reworked and added bits.
*Role - rewrote.
*Relations - Edited some things and added to them, added Ramza.
*Lucavi - Redid the whole Lucavi section practically.
*Visual - Added portraits of Ajora & Altima plus Ajora sprites.  Also discussed Ajora & Altima's designs.
*FAQ - Added stuff on the name Tangency and wrote up info on v. 2.0
*Links - Added button/banner things AND added links out! :o

Yet even MORE content and such coming.  Or at least a reorganizing of what there is.  Screenshots, and the text-based parts relating to the game at the least.

03.07.17 :: Made a teeny update to the FAQ on the site about the version name relating to the shrine I realized, and also touched up a bit on Ajora himself with more randomness form me. I've been a bit busy with other things, including playing FFT's long lost cousin [and predecessor] Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together [I have the English PSX ver. from Atlus] ... though I'm itching for more FFT too.

03.06.19 :: A rare double update left on main page... just pointing out the guestbook exists now. ;p

03.06.16 :: Tangency opens! Granted, I'm missing OODLES of stuff, but I planned that Tangency was going to have room for honest updates, unlike Flickering Flames... Heh... two villains... whee~! Anyway, enjoy what I have, however woefully underwritten it all is... guestbook soon. >_>