Ajora's ties in Final Fantasy Tactics run oddly, depending on how you want to relate things. Here I delve into the possible relations Ajora has with other names mentioned, with odd connections of musings, and those of obvious linking.

Germonik - First and foremost is the man who wrote the Scriptures which revealed the truth of Ajora to ramza and the others, which would ultimately destroy the 'faith' in the church. He got close to Ajora as a 'counter-spy' trying to find out what Ajora was upto, acting as a disciple in order to build a case against Ajora's treason to the Holy Empire Yudora - and the faith under Father Fara. He wrote the truth, and yet recorded the legend in some ways too, still showing that Ajora was but human.  Only much later with Father Simon's notes within would all fall together. Germonik was sent as a spy to Ajora, and eventually turned him in for a fair reward.

Altima, the Bloody Angel - In the end of the game, Ajora becomes/transforms into Altima.  As I've speculated in the Lucavi section, Ajora was somehow tied to Altima by either the stone, or by some other association. Altima and Ajora also share the first same and last letters [a in both cases], a sort of alliteration-like connection. The same is true of the next connection...

Alma Beoulve - Alma and Ajora have links to each other because she was the one that the Virgo stone said was the 'host' for Altima - reacting at the end of Chapter 3 in Riovanes as Vormav makes an attempt to kill Alma - which is how Ajora becomes resurrected.  The fact she is female may seem perplexing for Ajora's resurrection - however you must consider that the Bloody Angel is female - Alma's body would make the perfect host for a female angel. Alma and Altima are similar - Altima is Alma with "ti" in the middle.

Ramza Beoulve - this is more than the "Hero/villain" link you may suspect. In the final battle Altima comments before changing forms that he [Ramza] is the descendant of the person who had defeated her previously - one assumes that she meant the original Zodiac Brave who had bore the Virgo stone and sealed her [see Lucavi for my theory on 'sealing'] within. Whatever the exact relation, Ramza is descended of the blood that last fell the leader of the Lucavi - and thus is tied to Altima and Ajora both from their relations.  There is also that Ajora resurrected in his sisters body as well [which she too is a decendant - it almost would make you wonder that she should raise in the same blood thatd efeated her.  Was it an attempt to merge with the 'power'/blood that defeated her to become "immune" as some stories have done?]

Baraius - Another of Ajora's disciples.  Was hunted down and killed in the areas that now bear his name.