Welcome to Tangency, a shrine dedicated to Ajora Glabados of Final Fantasy Tactics. Ajora has very little recognition overall, and only appears in person once for a tiny bit in the game.  This shrine is dedicated to the man who essentially brought about everything that occurs within the game in some form.

*WARNING* There will be SPOILERS in this site for FFT!!!! *WARNING*
(Though if you know anything about Ajora, its fairly sure you know much of what's here.  Finish the game, then come back.)


03.10.08 :: Updated the Visual section with 2 new Ajora sprites and a set of Altima sprites, added quotes for Audial, and added a very short but about Baraius in the Relations section.  More later... I do apologize for the somewhat unfinished feel this still has.  Next update I hope to have the Scriptures up.