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Site Name:

I picked the name while skimming my mp3's for inspiration.  Tangency is the name of a track from the Star Ocean: The Second Story OST [which I love] - but it wasn't simple love that spurred this.  I went and looked up the word and found this:

1. n. - The condition of being tangent.
2. n. - The quality or state of being tangent; a contact or touching.
3. n 1: contact at a single point or along a line 2: a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact; "they forget to solder the contacts"

Well, this lead me to look up tangent, which was mentioned in the first meaning and got:

1. Making contact at a single point or along a line; touching but not intersecting.
2. Irrelevant.

This is good - Ajora touches the story, but does intersect at the end.  And in some ways, Ajora seems irrelevant - until the end.  There WAS more, however.

n. 3. A sudden digression or change of course.

If I recall correctly, Ajora is the cause of a shift of focus in the game as we close in on the end and his resurrection from the war to that.  That, and yes, it sounded nice.  No one sid I had to make sense.

Current Layout

v 2.0 :: Renegade - Lyrics © Styx - from the 1978 album Pieces of Eight [track 8].  If you like the song, please buy the album.  :P Renegade fits Ajora fairly well for his life, having been on the run near the end as a wanted man by the Yudoran Empire and all.  Plus in the end there's Tommy Shaw singing "I don't want to go, no no..." which just so struck me as Ajora - after all, he did want to be resurrected.

Past Layout Information

v 1.0 :: Alarum - Lyrics © The Tea Party - from the 1997 album Transmission [track 5].  If you like the song, please buy the album.  :P Its worth the import price if you're not in Canada.  And with a moment of inspiration and thought ... I realize how very, very perfect the title is for the site; alarum is basically alarm, or a mechanism which triggers it. I really must stop doing stuff like that, and picking things that are perfect for things and in hindsight finding it as such.

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D. Mintaka Peal - A eccentric woman who has more than enough on her hands.  She takes pride in liking obscure things, and thigns people criticize/hat.  Such is life. She can be contacted regarding Tangency via the following means:

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