Altima, the Bloody Angel

First Form: Holy Angel

Appearance: A beautiul female with silver hair and large white wings dressed in red.
Commands: Ultimate Magic // Chaos // Teleport 2 // Innate Float
Help file: Set free by truth, which controls the universe. His deads rise above good and evil.

Ultimate Magic :: A stronger Ultima then Ramza can get.
Chaos :: Grand Cross

Second Form: Arch Angel

Appearance: A HUGE undead skeleton-like thing.
Commands: Complete Magic // Saturation // Teleport 2 // Innate Float // Face Up
Help file: Ultimate being, status achieved by a holy angel. Brings chaos or order and beginnings or ends to worlds.

Complete Magic :: All-Ultima, Grand Cross
Saturation: Mute, Despair 2, Return 2


Altima has little to no background other than being the leader of the other Lucavi, the Bloody Angel.  Altima and Ajora are tied to one another much as the other Lucavi are tied to Ivalcians [Vormav, Wiegraf, etc.].  Altima, very definitely female in appearance, rises frma rather definite male, Ajora.  But one thing strikes me as quite pussling, this taken from the NPC FAQ I've credited and had permission to use:

Holy Angel Altima [help file] :: Set free by truth, which controls the universe. His deads rise above good and evil.

His?  This leads to the interesting proposition - though not realy provable - that Ajora IS the human incrnation of Altima, the Bloody Angel - and not merely linked to/possessed by Altima.  True?  No clue.  But it does give even mroe food for thought as to why Ajora was ressurected, THEN Altima, instead of the Bloody Angel coming directly from Alma [whom the stone reacted to].

[Certain information taken from [or used to aquire from] the FFT NPC FAQ by Algus [ IluvRPG1 [at] ] used with permission. Thank again! ]