The Basics

Name: Ajora Glabados
Parents: Unknown
Birthplace: Bervenia Free City
Raised in: Milodos

Game Stats
Job: Phony Saint [Agitator who misleads people with lies and masks. Don't underestimate him, although he cannot match the power of a genuine saint.]
Equips: Robes, accessories [possibly female equipment]

[Game stats from the FFT NPC FAQ by Algus [ IluvRPG1 [at] ] used with permission. Thank again! ]

Basic History

Ajora was the reason for the birth of the Glabados Church named after him by his disciples after the fall of the church Father Fara headed. Tales say that even from the day of his birth he stepped forward with a 'voice of God' - proclaiming a well was to be cause of catastrophe.  Many died who drank form that well, except those who had bellieved him.  He was born twelve centruries before the Fifty Year War, before Ivalice was united into one.

In truth, Ajora was another man like any other, with ambitioous, revolutionary ideas that went against the popular beliefs of those in power at the time.  He carefully crafted stories to build himself, and proclaimed his new ideas.  As well, during this time, he acted as a spy, a very low profession for a man who was the "Child of God", one would think. Even after he was caught by Germonik as a traitor and executed by the Yudoran Empire, his disciples lived on, preaching his beliefs and made-up story.  They used the sudden sinking of Murond into the sea as yet another example of the miracles associated with Ajora, adn thus the church and faith bearing his name was born.  Murond had, in reality, suffered natural disaster.

Ajora was a man with will, willing to do what he thought was right to achieve his goals.  However, along the way, he turned to a wrong path and stepped on too many toes of those in power.  Perhaps he truly did have some connection with God, however his methods were madness.

When it came down to it, his life was only outstanding for covering the truth, using illusion and deception to achieve means that were not all related to what he spoke. Ajora also could be considered someone who was used as much as any other in the tale told in Final fantasy Tactics - used by the Lucavi to achieve their means. Either people were being used, or using others, and Ajora Glabados fits in either category, depending on how you wish to view him.  A saint in some eyes, but to Ramza Beoulve, he was definitely not as the truth revealed itself. And worst of all, it involved his sister, who ahd nothing to do with any of the problems that plagued Ivalice.  [Women's roles were not important in the world of Ivalice, and even the queen was caught in the mess.  Of course, she also was trying to control and dominate in the place of her own son. And then there's how Ovelia was treated, and even Alma was raised far away from her family, and outside the sphere of things.  Only those in good status - the Holy Knight Agrias [a perfect bodyguard for the Princess] or Meliadoul [of the Tingel family, daughter of Vormav the Shrine Knight and one herself] are good exceptions.]